Melissa Jacobs

🎧TFG Pod: Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby with Yahoo!’s Liz Loza

Fantasy draft season is in full swing and this week’s episode features one of the most elite fantasy expert minds out there, Yahoo’s Liz Loza. Liz tackles a number of hot button fantasy topics including how the Washington backfield will shake out (28:02), the most overrated and underrated QB (23:20), rookies to draft and avoid (30:45) and general dr...

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NFL Season Preview: The 15 Most Intriguing Figures of 2018

And just like that, the NFL is back! As we strap in for another season the only predicable thing is unpredictably – oh, and the Patriots playing in the Super Bowl.  Oh, and enough injuries to fill a supersized infirmary. This season already feels stranger than most. A deep-seeded cultural divide and disastrous anthem policy has kept politics at th...

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Fantasy Football 2018 Previewpalooza with Pat Fitzmaurice

Training camp battles are in full bloom, which means fantasy football mania is not far behind. To ensure you, wonderful listener, have your most successful fantasy season yet, we welcome the smartest fantasy prognosticator in the land, Pat Fitzmaurice. Yes, Pat works for TFG and we are admittedly biased but he really is an elite ranker. We learn more...

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