What is the purpose of thefootballgirl.com?
Simply put, we want more women to watch football and play fantasy football.

How do we hope to achieve that goal?  
Thefootballgirl.com is an environment that should be comfortable for every level.  We don’t assume you know what a Cover 3 is; but we also don’t assume that you don’t know how many points are awarded for a field goal.  Our content runs the gamut to be conducive to all knowledge levels.  Our message boards range from the technical to “girlie” type topics such as player hotness.  We want all types of fans to get educated and have fun!

What about the boys?  

Of course the boys are more than welcome!  In fact, we also don’t assume that every guy knows everything about football – even though every guy thinks they do!  We think guys will embrace the female focus and be eager to read the unique content and participate in message boards.  Besides that, they’ll certainly be excited for our A-list interviews with the likes of Barry Sanders.

Can you really sustain that level of interview?
In short, YES.  thefootballgirl.com’s editor, Melissa Jacobs, has been dealing with the NFL, its players and agents for over ten years.  She has a wealth of contacts that are willing and able to be interviewed, especially since they know they won’t be asked locker room/press conference type questions.  Moreover, these players are excited about the bottom line: the potential for more female fans.  Watch out – we may even break some news while we’re at it!

Why the name?
thefootballgirl has a two-pronged meaning.  First, we want to encourage more females to get excited about fantasy football and Sundays in general.  We also celebrate the fact that the website is run by two women, Melissa, the life long football fan and editor, and Jackie, the business side guru.

Do you only accept submissions from females?
Definitely not.  We regularly feature male contributors from all aspect of football, and, of course, all the players we interview will be male…well, almost all.

How can I advertise on thefootballgirl.com?
For ad rates, please contact Jackie Emanuelson at jackie@thefootballgirl.com

What if I have a suggestion or (gasp) a criticism?
We would love to hear from you!  Please will out our contact form and one of us will surely get back to you within 24 hours.

For media inquiries: Please contact Melissa Jacobs at melissa@thefootballgirl.com