TFG Pod: The Amazing Journey of Bucs Coach Lori Locust

The Show:

The Synopsis:

Coach Lori Locust loves to hit people … on the football field.

Growing up in Harrisburg, PA a diehard fan of Jack Lambert and the Steel Curtain, she was entranced by the Steelers’ style and developed a lifelong love for the intricacies of a powerful defense. Locust played football with the neighborhood kids as a young girl but it wasn’t until she turned 40 that she took a path that would change her life forever.  After signing up to play semi-pro football, on the defensive line, of course, she soon started coaching. She turned out to have a knack for the art of football and deriving the most out of her players. Her newfound passion coincided with the NFL’s proactive quest to create a pipeline for qualified women in the coaching and football operations ranks.

Locust’s big break came last summer when she interned for the Baltimore Ravens during training camp. She then worked briefly for the Birmingham Iron of AAF before Bruce Arians offered her the position of full-time defensive line coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In this week’s episode, Locust shares her story in detail including why she’s been accepted, why she likes to hit people, embracing being a role model and the beauty of following her passion later in life.

Also in this week’s Three Minute Drill, the NFL turns 100 this year (with just a few wrinkles to show for it!). Melissa describes how the league really came to fruition.

The Rundown:

3:40: Melissa proudly announces that she’ll be a co-GM of the Seattle Emerald Haze fantasy team for the inaugural season of The Crown League.

10:59: Lori Locust joins

12:05: Lori tells the layered story of how she got hired by Bruce Arians

22:25: Lori on  how crucial it is to be a master of your craft

28:15: Lori on the folding of her former league, the AAF

30:55: Lori on the grind of playing semi-professional football

41:44: Lori on embracing being a role model for women and young girls.\

53:28: Three Minute Drill – Melissa’s digs into the origins of the National Football League as it celebrates its 100th season.


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