Melissa Jacobs

Josh Gordon’s Tumultous Tenure in Cleveland: A Timeline

What if Josh Gordon had caught a few hundred less yards in 2013? Perhaps we wouldn't view him as some form of superhero who's trouble has inconvenienced our fantasy prospects. Perhaps the Browns would have released him years ago instead of offering him bone after bone until Saturday night's final straw. Not only was Gordon enabled but the Browns' blind...

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‘Friends of The Football Girl’ Fantasy League for Charity

When I first started TFG I immersed myself in fantasy coverage from waivers to a Startability Index, my weird spin on the traditional start/sit columns, and many more columns in between.  The advice was apparently not terrible because soon my fantasy league dance card was overflowing with expert leagues galore, even a league sponsored by one of the NFL...

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TFG Pod Season Preview Extravaganza: The NFL’s Most Intriguing Teams

Hallelujah! Real live football that actually counts. In this super-sized episode, Melissa picks the five teams she believes are the most intriguing headed into the regular season, and dissects each one with a notable reporter from each market. Both local fans and NFL fans at large should appreciate these scene-setting conversations. The five teams selec...

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