TFG Pod: State of the NFL with “Commissioner” Amy Trask

This week, Amy Trask of CBS and The Athletic joins Melissa for a robust look at several of the NFL’s burning issues including its inconsistent player conduct policy, treatment of fans & the Raiders move to Vegas. Amy also shares the two NFL divisions she believes are wide open and showcases her extreme devotion to ice cream.



8:55: Amy Trask joins!

10:55: Amy on Tyreek Hill and the NFL’s personal conduct policy

15:13: How Amy would upgrade treatment of fans if commissioner

20:15: Amy on the power of the athlete-fan connection

23:35: Amy on the NFL’s areas for potential growth over the next 10 years

25:44: Amy on the Rams and Raiders relocation

30:32: Amy of the dark side of Hard Knocks

32:59: Amy on the two divisions she believes are up for grans in 2019

40:16: Melissa with this week’s Three Minute Drill


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Green Bay takes center stage for this week’s Three Minute Drill, in which Melissa explains the origins of the Packers adorable tradition of riding kids’ bikes to training camp. You can also ask a question for a future Three Minute Drill by tweeting or leaving a question in the review and using #TeachMeFootball

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