Holiday Gift Guide: Football Goodies For The Whole Family

Of course your football-loving child, friend or significant other would love to receive a Super Bowl ticket on the 50-yard line. But in the real world, you’re probably shopping for something more modest this holiday season. To take some of the guesswork out of your gift-giving experience, we have compiled a guide with some of our favorites. And unlike most guides, ours emphases fun presents for kids and female fans. Get ready to here the football lover in your life yell SCORE!

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For Kids With a Future Career in NFL Analytics

Blitz Champz Football Card Game $19.99

This super fun and educational card game is the perfect vehicle for teaching kids (7+) the basic rules of the game while building up their math skills. Developed by star women’s professional player Adrienne Smith, the original deck emphasizes football accessibility to all by featuring male and female players. But if you want to make your kid or their friends the star, Blitz Camp offers a customizable option. Either way, this game should keep your kids occupied for a long time!

For Adults With Cold Feet

FOCO Womens Slide Slippers $29.99

What better way to cheer on your favorite team by watching a bunch of freezing fans on television while your feet are hugged with endless warmth?

For Fans Who Value Comfort Over Style

FOCO Oversized Sherpa Hoodie $59.99

Ah, the sweet comfort of Sherpa in the harsh temperatures of NFL winters in the winter…or anywhere cold for that matter. Bonus: It’s reversible!

For Trivia Lovers Who Know “Everything” About Their Team

The Ultimate Chicago Bears Trivia Book (Available for other teams) $9.85

Even the most diehard fans should learn something new about their team’s history. And if they truly know everything, this is the book to prove it.

For The Superior Gender to Brag About Their Superior Fantasy Skills

“I’m Better Than My Husband” Tee Shirt $17.99

Of course you’re better than your husband at fantasy. Now shout it to the world.