TFG Pod: The Tyreek Hill Problem Rages On

When it comes to Tyreek Hill, the case of his son’s broken arm and his future with the Kansas City Chiefs, we are at a standstill. The NFL has not issued a statement. Chiefs owner and CEO Clark Hunt has said Hunt will not be involved in any team activities, yet there is no word on a release or even rejoining the team. In this episode we try and understand Hill’s future.

But first Melissa begins with a few updates and by questioning the Bears continued obsession with kicker Cody Parkey (5:58).

Then she welcomes Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star to discuss the troubling Hill situation. (10:10). Brooke breaks down the latest and provides a glimpse into the Chiefs’ strategy (11:13). She also examines the impact of Hill on the locker room not far removed from the Kareem Hunt dismissal, and wonders if there will be a cultural shift. (26:15). Brooke was one of the first to report on Hill’s son breaking his arm and she explains the nasty backlash she continues to receive, especially as juxtaposed to her male colleague at the Star who shared a byline. (22:09)

On a more upbeat note, Brooke highlights some of her favorite moments covering the Chiefs last year (34:56)– think Backstreet Boys! – and breaks down the art of writing a game story on deadline. (37:37)


Finally, Melissa has a news edition of THREE MINUTE DRILL explaining the ins and outs of everyone’s favorite penalty:  offensive holding.  (46:14)

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