TFG Pod: What Sarah Spain Said

It takes approximately 90 seconds of speaking with Sarah Spain to understand why she’s catapulted to such great heights at ESPN in a relatively short period of time. She’s confident, fearless and whip smart. Since joining ESPN in 2010 as a writer for espnW, Sarah now wears many high profile hats including as a regular panelist for Around the Host, host of ESPN Radio’s “Spain and Company,” and feature reporter for E:60 (her award-winning feature on Chiefs RB coach Deland McCullough is especially brilliant)

In a robust, wide-ranging conversation, Melissa talks with Sarah about carving her unique role at ESPN, her comedic beginnings, crushing social media trolls and the Bears’ strange obsession with Cody Parkey.

Later in the show, this week’s Three Minute Drill is an explanation of the NFL’s supplemental draft.

The Rundown

6:02: Why Around the Horn is the most “fun” of Sarah’s gigs

12:22: Sarah reveals big plans for the Deland McCullough story

15:04: How growing up in the heyday of Michael Jordan framed Sarah’s career

20:44: Sarah on what it’s like to grow up a high achiever

25:21: Sarah’s early quest to be an SNL player

33:34: Sarah on whether aspiring journalists should ever work for free

36:16: How Sarah’s famed Super Bowl story was a launching point

44:18: Sarah on ESPN creating a pipeline for female broadcasters

47:05: Sarah’s evolved approach to dealing with trolls

53:25: How Jemele Hill played an influential role in Sarah’s rise

58:22: Sarah on the grind of daily radio

1:06:17: Why won’t the Bears move on from Cody Parkey?

1:09:12: 3 Minute Drill – Melissa explains the supplemental draft.

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