2017 TFG Holiday Gift Guide: For Those Who Stand With Colin Kaepernick

As SI’s Michael Rosenberg so eloquently stated in a piece this week announcing Colin Kaepenrick as the publication’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award Winner, “It is a rare person who gives up what he loves in exchange for what he believes.”

Kaepernick’s protesting set off fierce and layered reverberations in the world of football. But in real life he is a social justice warrior who has inspired millions.

As we have been putting together our gift guides we have encountered hordes of Kaepernick merchandise. Thus we thought it appropriate to include a selection of our favorites combining style and messaging that would make suitable gifts for those that are With Kap.

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Know Your Rights Tee (Colin Kaepernick Official Site)

Kaepernick I know my rights

This is THE iconic shirt Michael Bennett, Eric Reid and other players regularly wear during pregame warmups. The shirt lists the rights that Kaepernick is preaching to youth in underprivileged as part of his Know Your Rights camps. (All proceeds fund the camps)

$27.99 Shop This


Fist Up Premium Tee (Amazon)

We love the neat intersection of Kaepernick’s raised fist with his number.Subtle yet effective. This premium tee comes in a bevy of colors.

fist up shirt

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African-American Heroes Tee (Etsy)

Kap supporters and students of history will get chills seeing this bold tee that includes the inspirational luminaries from Martin Luther King to John Carlos.

Black heroes tee

$24.99+ Shop This

They Have Names Tee (Spread Shirt)

When Kaepernick was photographed for his recent QB Man of the Year spread, he insisted on only wearing black designers. NYC designer Kerby Jean-Raymond did not want to re-sell the iconic t-shirts which listed many of those killed by police violence. For Kaepernick he created “Even More Names.” You can have the original.

they have names

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Kaepernicking Tee (Human)

Before the protesting, before the Jim Tomsula era, before Cam Newton’s dabfest, Kaepernick had a swagger move to match his stellar play on the field.




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Take a Knee Canvas (Zazzle)

A stylish way to let your guests know who and what you stand for. This 15 X 22 canvas will stand out as a conversation piece in any room.

Kap canvas

$143.10 Shop This


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