2017 TFG Holiday Gift Guide: For Football-Obsessed Kids

Our holiday gift guiding moves from 10 Gifts For Women Who Love Football to the younger sect. There is such wonderment in children as they watch their favorite player take the field or even hear the Nationwide jingle. It all signals football and they can’t get enough. These kiddies would surely love these carefully selected football presents, some of which are useful to parents as well!


NFL Match Game (Amazon)

Your kid will be building the mental skills of Justin Tucker while simultaneously learning all 32 teams.

NFL match game

$25 Shop This


Vikings Laundry Basket (oBedding)

Vikings hamper

Watch your kids magically love straightening up their rooms! Just like Case Keenum to Adam Thielen, your kid will chuck her dirty socks into her new laundry basket with jaw-dropping precision.

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Football Guys Play Set (Amazon)

football guys

We love this tactical, low maintenance way for young kids to play football without playing football. Also great for teaching positions and rules to older kids. 

$24.99 Shop This


Flying High by Julian Edelman (JE 11)


Flying High

Patriots fans without kids will want to create them immediately just to read this adorable tale of perseverance that stars a squirrel named “Jules and a goat named “Tom.” Get it?

$19.99 Shop This


Favorite Player Bobblehead (NFLShop.com)

 Antonio Brown

Have you ever met a kid who didn’t like bobbleheads? Neither have we.

$29.99 Shop This


Football Mug (Amazon)


football mug 

The only time it’s ok to let your kids play with food! They’ll have a blast flicking field goals with marshmallows, blueberries and other imitation footballs. 

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Football Crayons (Etsy)


Why stick to regular crayolas when your little ones can create art with footballs? These crayons make a great stocking stuffer – and you can’t beat the price point! 

$4.50 Shop This


Russell Wilson (or any player) t-shirt (Five Hundred Level)


The NFLPA’s apparel line offers an array of stylish apparel that features your kid’s favorite player. Seriously, there are at least 15 Russell Wilson options. We love how these shirts give kids a more personalized experience than jerseys –  and they’re MUCH cheaper!  

$18.99 Shop This


Mascot Slippers (NFLShop.com)


We love how these slippers make the mascot of your kid’s favorite team all the more lifelike. Besides, all kids should start learning how to wear slippers as soon as possible. Note: These slippers come are available for most teams.

$24.99 Shop This


Talking Football (Amazon)

 talking football

This interactive football makes cute, age-appropriate comments as your child catches and throws. One doting reviewer says this football kept her kid entertained on a long car ride.

$19.99 Shop This


(Some of the gifts above contain affiliate links.)