2017 TFG Holiday Gift Guide: For Women Who Love Football

Welcome to the first in a series of gift guides we’ll be producing for you this holiday season. Whether you’re buying for yourself, your friend, your girlfriend, your kid’s high school science teacher or your grandma, these carefully selected gifts should give you an array of intrigues options.

Our first guide focuses on 46% of the NFL’s fan base and the larger percentage that make up the readership of this site – women!  There are plenty of gifts that contain pink or glitter. We strategically shied away from those. Instead we focused on gifts that we think will delight the senses, with a slight emphasis on feminine flair.

Please look out for more TFG Holiday Gift Guides in the coming days.


Ani and Alex Bangle Bracelet (Amazon)

Patriots bracelet

A perfect way to accessorize with your favorite team without being too showy. We love how this bracelet literally works with any outfit.

Prices varies. Shop This

Beer Can Candle (Etsy)

Beer candle

Enjoy the double endorphins that will come from simultaneously lighting your team on fire after a heartbreaking loss, all while enjoying an enchanting aroma.

$14.99 Shop This

Packers Conquerer Boots (Fanatics)

Packers boots for holiday gift guide

These toasty boots are available for every team but we love the contrast of the criss-crossed yellow elastic bands with the green base. Plus the furry liming looks scrumptious – oh so perfect for Lambeau. 

$82.49 Shop This

You Negotiate Like a Girl (Amazon)

You Negotiate Like a Girl for gift guide

Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask started breaking glass ceilings 20 years ago for football girls everywhere. Her tales of working with Al Davis are incredibly compelling and inspiring.

$17.64 Shop This

Bears V-Neck Sweater (NFLShop.com)

Bears sweater

This could be considered an ugly Christmas sweater if it weren’t so awesome. Seriously, this Bear is adorable and if you stare at it long enough you realize it makes the same face as the far less adorable John Fox on 4th and short yardage situation.

$69.99 Shop This

Football Shaped Cutting Board (Amazon)


Bamboo football cutting board

No woman should be told to go back in the kitchen. But this board is perfect for those who actually like all that the kitchen entails – and it serves as a stark reminder to stay out of the kitchen on Sundays (and Monday nights and Thursday nights).

$19.99 Shop This

Curated Gift Box (Fan Chest)

Fan Chest for gift guide

One-time “chest” full of carefully selected goodies from your favorite NFL team. Buyers can select a women’s t-shirt size to make ensure that its female-friendly. We especially love the sharp packaging.

$59 Shop This

Tough Football Mom T-Shirt (Design By Humans)

Football mom t-shirt

The badass message on this shirt is pretty self-explanatory. We love that it comes in so many desirable colors. P.S. Football moms, one of our next gift guides will focus on the kiddies!

$24 Shop This

Raiders Socks (Amazon)

raiders socks

This houndstooth socks are super stylish on their own but the Raiders insignia will look so cute peeking out of boots.

$8.63 Shop This

Football Throw Pillow (Zazzle)

Football pillow

We’re obsessed with the prominent lacing of this pillow and the way it announces to guests that they have entered a football-loving zone.

$31.35 Shop This


(Note: Some of the links listed above affiliate links.)