NFL Rundown

NFL Heavily Fines Coaches For Not Wearing Masks

After a bevy of NFL head coaches were shown without masks during Week 1, the NFL issued a league wide memo warning of ramifications if the behavior continued. The league kept its wording then some in Week 2, fining Vic Fangio, Pete Carroll, and Kyle Shanahan $100,000. The Bro...

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Which stadiums will have fans during the NFL’s first month?

Many aspects of the NFL will look strange this season. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will take the field in Buccaneer red. Owners will not only support players’ peaceful social justice protests, some will join in. But perhaps the starkest difference between this year, and well, any year will be the stadium optics.  ...

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49ers’ Super Bowl Loss May Have Saved Lives

When the 49ers blew a ten point and eventually lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV on February 2nd, the aftermath was full of disappointment and questions. In the moment just getting there wasn’t enough.  But just weeks later as a global pandemic...

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