HAB of the Week: New Seattle Seahawks RB Eddie Lacy

For sports fans, internet connoisseurs, or basically anyone with a pulse, it’s nearly impossible to navigate the world wide interwebs without running into a protruding feature on the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) of professional athletes. Here at TFG we try to be an equal opportunity promoter of significant others. So we couldn’t help but wonder, what about the HABs? You know, the Husbands and Boyfriends. They deserve some cyber exploitation too, right? And if our female audience can dine on a nice cut of meat, well that’s not such a bad thing either.

Last week, in our inaugural edition, we brought you the stylings of Tom Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. Brady is like a finely seared panko encrusted tuna sashimi laid on a bed of quinoa finished with an orange mango glaze. But this week’s HAB, Eddie Lacy is a more relatable and far more huggable rump roast. Lacy got back. Let’s take a look.

Eddie Lacy running in his slimmer days.

A devoted boyfriend to Jasmine Roussell (at least as of Jan. 2016), a well-known Zumba instructor and crawfish aficionado out of Tulane, Lacy is far more than just another beefy football player. (Jasmine allegedly stole Lacy from his previous girlfriend, but that’s what free agency is all about, right?)

He’s a certified do-gooder. When drafted in 2013 Lacy had one definable goal: buy his parents a new home after their New Orleans residence was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Lacy‘s fulfilled promise paved the way to consistent altruism related to his parents’ plight. While with the Packers, he devoted significant time and energy to supporting Freedom House, which provides aid to regional homeless families.

But perhaps Lacy’s most wide reaching impact is his public struggles with weight loss. Too often attention is focused on extra terrestrial athletes like Brady who claim to turn back the clock 15 years by wearing pajamas. But Lacy is real life folks. He likes food. A lot. And frankly, who among us hasn’t turned to stress eating when faced with a new job with a demanding boss (Aaron Rodgers) in a location where there isn’t much to do besides the sample the local cheese emporiums?

An overweight Eddie Lacy pleads for a first down.

Of course the big news is that, after an injury-laden and unceremonious end to his tenure Green Bay, the Seahawks signed Lacy for a reported $5.5 mil. ($3 mil. guaranteed). The deal includes a $385,000 workout bonus which is centered on weight loss. Lacy supposedly weighed 267 pounds during his free agent visits, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll would like him in the neighborhood of 235-240. From this video he posted on Twitter, Lacy’s conditioning is already a 12 on a scale of 1-11.

But if he can’t fully resist Seattle’s Top Pot donuts, he can always follow his girlfriend’s path and launch a second career as a water zumba instructor in the Sun City retirement community. From all of us who have tried P90x, Orangetheory and metabolic resets but still can’t resist a heaping plate of nachos, thank you for being a real person, Eddie Lacy. Jasmine is one lucky girl.