Fantasy Football 2012: Eight Reasons Women Should Play Fantasy – Now!

Be it a political office, an executive boardroom or an Olympic platform, history has proven that, as women, we can not only compete, but dominate in our particular area of choice. And what better way to extend our prowess than by joining in on the competitive fun of fantasy football?

As a brand new season of the NFL approaches, many women will observe men flocking from all corners towards the glow of the almighty flat screen TV to catch up on the minutiae regarding their favorite NFL team and players. These guys will clock countless hours cheering and jeering with their buddies, while strategically planning their total domination in another suspenseful season of fantasy football. Well, it’s about time more women get in on the action!

Here are eight reasons you’ll want to get off the sidelines and jump into fantasy league play this season:

1.  Lose the End-of-Summer Blues

Say good-bye to summer Fridays and sandy beaches. But while you’re packing up your swimwear, it’s time to pull out your favorite jersey, gather up the girls and prepare yourselves for a fun season of fantasy league wheeling and dealing.

2.  Numbers Don’t Lie

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, over 23.4 million people play fantasy football, and women only account for approximately 20% of that number. With a little fantasy know-how, you can join in on the community and camaraderie 17 weeks of football can provide. Why should the guys have all the fun?

3.  Get into the Game

It’s amazing how building your own team from scratch can change the way you appreciate the game. While a lot of the success in fantasy football can be attributed to luck, the more you learn, the better your chances of making moves that result in extra points and, hopefully, a victory for you come February!

4.  Expect the Unexpected

Football is a pretty volatile sport, and fantasy football is no different. A team that started the season 0-5 could find themselves in the playoffs heading towards the Super Bowl in January. A player might get injured and lose the rest of his season to a “sleeper” who exhibits a stellar performance. What happens week to week is anyone’s guess.

5.  Draft Day Adrenaline

Imagine the atmosphere in a room full of your closest friends gathered around the draft board or computer. Everyone is vying for the chance to pick the best NFL players at each fantasy position and build the ultimate team that will lead them to ultimate victory. Top the day off with a few festive refreshments and settle in for some serious draft party fun.

6.  Competitive Edge

 As young women we’re taught to value having warm, genteel dispositions. This is a great attribute to have in life…unless you’re in a fantasy league. Now is your time to school your fellow league managers in the fine art of smack talk. After all, all is fair in friendship and football, right?

7.  There’s an App for That

 These days managing a fantasy team couldn’t be easier with the help of a number of great mobile apps. My #1 pick this season is Yahoo! Fantasy ’12. With a few taps of your finger, you can make quick game-day moves and watch your points accrue instantly as the game is played live.

8.  Guys Think It’s Hot When Girls Know Football

 Enough said…