Yoga, Basketball and Limbo: Week 12’s Best NFL Celebrations

Try to go back and remember the sad days when the NFL didn’t allow players to celebrate in the end zone. It’s a scary thought, and to make sure fans fully appreciate the planning and execution that goes into these viral moments I put together an extra long list of the best celebrations in the NFL in week 12. Some celebrations took their inspiration from other sports, while others revamped kids games, but they all are amazing, and I’m sure happy the NFL allows celebrations!

Note: The celebrations below are made public by team sites, media outlets, and players pages. We will add more when and if they become available.

Zen mode

There were two yoga-inspired celebrations this week, and the first comes from the Ravens’ Matthew Judon.

Judon wasn’t the only player who took to the ground for some meditation after a big play. Stefon Diggs showed off his easy pose after he scored a touchdown.

Tickets, please!

I just want to know how I can get tickets to the concert the Bears put on after their touchdown! This celebration is gold!

The Scarn

An ode to The office Trey Quinn follows The Scran steps. “You jump to the right, and you shake a hand. Then you jump to the left, and you shake that hand. Meet new friends, tie some yarn, and that’s how you do The Scarn.”

The Lowest Celebration

The human limbo might have been my favorite from the weekend!  Although I would have liked to see them get lower, the human limbo is creative, fun and ones of the best celebrations in my book!


A few teams decided to throwback their celebration dance moves to the 2000s and I’m here for it!

Ultimate Sports Moment

The Seahawks got the win on Sunday and today they win the best celebration. The internet loved the Iverson/Lue step over and so did I. You can’t go wrong by celebrating one of the best sports moments!

After their wins, teams celebrated in the locker room, with game balls, victory speeches, and some exciting announcements.

Bills 24 Jags 21

McDermott took a ling from Tom Petty and told his team they don’t back down after the game.

Bucs 27 49ers 9

Tampa Bay got together and celebrated their win before looking forward to hosting the Panthers next week.

Browns 35 Bengals 20

The Browns have had some close games this season and after this win over in-state rival the Bengals, Gregg Williams says “Even when we make it interesting we win.”

Chargers 45 Cardinals 10

The Chargers break out by telling each other to savor the moment and enjoy each victory.

Broncos 24 Steelers 17

After the excitement of beating the AFC North leading Steelers, the Broncos remind themselves of their postseason hopes.

Colts 27 Dolphins 24

After the Colts took down the Miami, the team celebrated special teams and the members who helped them get the W.

Vikings 24 Packers 17

After a big Sunday night win the Vikings team goes crazy when coach announces they get a few days rest.