Wild Card Round: Celebrations and Speeches

The stakes are higher, the speeches more intense, and the celebrations are wackier. All this means just one thing, the NFL playoffs are officially upon us. In the first Wild Card round, it was the Colts and the Texans facing off against each other along with the Seahawks against the Cowboys, the Chargers versus Ravens, and the Eagles against the Bears. The games were dramatic and most of the scores close. We go through the speeches and more importantly the wins in the first round below.

But first, dance!

Cowboys fans were in rare form with their first win in the playoffs since the 2014 season. This fan showed his excitement with these gif worthy dance moves!

Colts 21 Texans 7

The Colts proved they just needed some time to get things together as they dominated against the Texans in the Wild Card round. After their win, the Colts were pumped up even more by their coach’s locker room speech!

Cowboys 24 Seahawks 22

Dallas came out on top in their hard-fought battle against the Seahawks. Jason Garrett gave the winning team a speech in their locker room after the game.

Chargers 23 Ravens 17

The Chargers were too much for the Ravens and rookie QB Lamar Jackson to handle and they’ll move on to face the Patriots in the next round. The team has one question as they continue through the playoffs, “Why not us?!?”