This Week in NFL Do-Goodery: Derrius Guice, J.J. Watt, Charles Harris & more

This morning I woke up with a heavier-than-normal sense of dread. What was waiting on the old Twitter feed? I don’t mean political news – that’s a standstill of misery. I mean, what would punctuate a week in NFL news that was among the most disturbing in recent memory? After breathing a sigh of relief that the morning brought no more arrests or NFL political entanglements, I tweeted a recap:

Almost instantly Twitter helped me come to an inspiring aftermath. Multiple people used this tweet to start sharing samples of the many good deeds NFL players have performed in recent weeks. Thank you to Annie Apple and Alex Whitaker in particular.

Sure, there was some disdain directed toward me for spotlighting the dark side but mostly people just shared the good stuff. I immediately regretted not having a follow-up tweet spotlighting the philanthropy from players, which FAR outweighs the criminal activity. So it’s time to rectify.

We already have a “Do-Gooder of the Week” on the TFG Podcast (which you should subscribe to!) This week’s edition is Saints RB Mark Ingram, who is dedicated to providing financial and emotional support for kids with an incarcerated parent in the New Orleans area. Starting today and on a weekly basis, we are also going to spotlight an array of the countless community service stalwarts that grace NFL rosters in written form. Let’s goooooo!

– Dolphins DE Charles Harris donated $100,000 to upgrade the football field at Kansas City’s Lincoln College Prep, his alma mater. Harris, also a Mizzou alum, has stayed closely connected to the area. His sizable contribution will go a long way toward the school district’s revitalization efforts as it celebrates 150 years.

– Texans DE J.J. Watt donated $10,000 to the GoFundMe account benefitting the family of Sun Prairie Fire Department Captain Cory Barr. Barr died while heroically responding to a gas leak that led to an explosion in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Once the donation of Watt (who quietly donated under the name Justin Watt) was made public by GoFundMe, the fundraising efforts far exceeded the original goal of $75,000.

– Titans CB Malcolm Butler is hosting his fourth annual FREE football campin Vicksburg, MS this weekend. Butler, a Vicksburg High alum will host 400 children aged 1st grade-high school, focusing on football techniques but with a heavy emphasis on life lessons.

– Jags RB Leonard Fournette picked up the tuition of a driven LSU student in new of financial support to finish her fifth year. Fournette responded to her tweet and vowed to pay her remaining tuition in full. The student, Jhane’ Garner, was a trainer in the Tigers’ athletic department while Fournette was in school and was working two jobs try and meet her tuition

– Redskins RB Derrius Guice surprised his mom, Beulah, with a fancy new car.  Guice’s childhood was as tragic as they come. His father was murdered when he was a young boy and Belulah solely raised him in poverty. Her reaction will melt you heart.

That act of kindness comes on the heels of $1,000 donation he made toward Garner’s tuition. Like Fournette, Guice was also a student-athlete at LSU while Garner was a trainer.

– Giants CB Eli Apple and Titans CB Logan Ryan recently hosted a FREE football camp  for children in Apple’s hometown who don’t have the means for specialized football training.