Week 9’s Best Locker Room Celebrations

As a whole Sunday’s slate of games fell somewhere between walking over hot coals and drinking tea tree oil (trust me, don’t do this). But not so in the locker rooms of the victors. Let’s check on the Week 9 celebrations.


Jaguars 23 Bengals 7

Blake Bortles gets all the lather he deserves.

Rams 51 Giants 17

Our pick for Coach of the Year with yet another rousing victory speech.

Cardinals 20 49ers 10

Karlos Dansby gets the game ball after becoming the 5th player in NFL history to record 40 sacks and 20 intercpeitons.

Eagles 51 Broncos 23 ***TFG fave

“Offensively you took the No. 2 rushing defense and put 200 yards on their ass!”

Panthers 20 Atlanta 17


Raiders 27 Dolphins 24

Del Rio dancing alert!