🎧Football Date Night Week 6: QBs Brock Out

“Rule #1 of roughing the passer should be that the QB is in some way roughed.” – Melissa

“If Patrick Mahomes is Showtime Mahomes, then Mitch Trubisky is Matinee Mitch.” – Dave

On this episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave mourn the Chiefs’ and Bears’ tough losses and run through their Week 6 winners and losers.

2:00: Dave is fed up with Tom Brady’s continued dominance, and the duo predict their inevitable run through the AFC East.

4:09: Melissa explains why she was the biggest loser of Sunday by having to deal with an inconsolable Dave following the Bears’ devastating loss to the Dolphins.

5:30: Because Dave had DVR’ed the second half of the game while coaching baseball, Melissa discusses her angst about whether to spoil the Bears result to put Dave out of his misery or let him suffer through it.

7:50: Melissa explains how the Bears defense was “Brocked.”  Brock Osweiler is somehow 3-0 against the Bears.

9:05: Melissa and Dave discuss the ridiculous Leonard Floyd penalty, in which no passer was roughed.

14:15: Melissa runs down why it was a great day for former 49ers greats: Frank Gore, Alex Smith, and Vernon Davis.

17:15: Dave explains why the Chargers were winners, with an emerging defense and solid play from Philip Rivers. Melissa agrees, but the duo disagree on whether Rivers throws with “zip.”

20:30: Melissa discusses why Jalen Ramsey was a “huge loser,” after his pulseless post-game discussion with reporters.

26:10: Baltimore is a clear winner to Dave, boasting 11 sacks in their beatdown of the Titans.

26:45: Dave also sees parity as a winner this week.  There’s the Rams, Chiefs, Patriots, and then everybody else.

30:00: Kirk Cousins was a huge winner to Melissa, after impressing with his “dead arms” dance moves.

33:30: Oakland is Melissa’s final loser, and just plain depressing.  So depressing that Dave could barely stay awake during the discussion.

39:30: Melissa provides her final winner, Bruce Irvin, who is excited to make babies despite his Raiders’ lackluster play.  Dave fills time by running through his depression Sunday after the Bears loss.

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