Week 15’s Best Locker Room Speeches

The thrill of victory is even more thrilling with just two weeks remaining in the regular season. Some teams are valiantly riding into the playoffs while others are just trying to end the season on a positive note. They all one thing in common: extreme happiness. Here are the teams that have posted an inside glimpse at their locker room. We’ll add more as they are made available.

Vikings 34 Bengals 7

Mike Zimmer: “Congratulations on winning the NFC North.”

Bills 24 Dolphins 16

Kyle Williams: “6-2 at home. Not perfect, but pretty damn good.”

Jaguars 45 Texans 7

Doug Marrone” “We’re not done yet.”

Ravens 27 Browns 10

Brandon Carr: “First playoff game, just getting started, have two more, then we’ll dance for real. “

Chiefs 30 Chargers 13

Andy Reid: “How ‘bout those CHIIIIEFFS”

Lions 20 Bears 10

Jim Caldwell: “Don’t let anyone talk about down the road. As far as we want to look is Cincinnati”