Week 13’s Best Locker Room Celebrations

Capturing the revelry of NFL locker rooms following, for many, a crucial win in Week 13….

(We’ll add more celebrations as they are made available.)

Chargers 19 Browns 10

Anthony Lynn: “That’s a young, talented team desperate for a win, and they’re going to get a win You guys just made damn sure it wasn’t today.”

Vikings 14 Falcons 19

Mike Zimmer: “We haven’t accomplished anything yet”

Ravens 44 Lions 20

JIm Harbaugh: “We’re going to see where this all goes.”

Jaguars 30 Colts 10

Doug Marrone/Blake Bortles: “There’s only one way to gain respect…”

Jets 38 Chiefs 31

Josh McCown: “Till the wheels fall off, that’s how you close out a game.”

Cowboys 38 Washington 14

Jason Garrett: “We did a hell of a job”