Week 13 Victory Speeches: Bengals Join the Party

Week 13 wins had a vast array of meanings depending on the team. For some it altered their playoff seeding, for others it damaged their draft position, and for one it was the first taste of victory this season. But no matter the impact a win in the NFL is worth celebrating. Let’s take a stroll through the various NFL locker rooms and check out their celebrations.

(Note: Not all celebrations have been made public. We will update this post with any clips made available.)

Cincy notches first win against the Jets

Texans celebrate MASSIVE win over Patriots

Brian Flores keeps the Thanksgiving vibes going after the Fins toppled the Eagles

Rams revel in dominant performance over Arizona

Titans enjoy crucial AFC South win over the Colts

Bucs take care of business in Jacksonville

Washington topples Carolina on the road

Broncos notch win over AFC West rival Chargers

Bears make a return to Club Dub after topping Lions