Dance practice and game balls: The Best Celebrations in Week 13

Teams obviously practice big plays and schemes during the week as they prepare for their opponent, but as we’ve seen increasingly skilled and choreographed dance moves and skits in NFL celebrations many, including myself, have often wondered how much time players spend practicing their celebrations. This week we got an answer, well kind of. In this week’s celebrations, we see old school dance moves, new dance moves and hear the best locker room speeches.

Note: The celebrations below are made public by team sites, media outlets, and players pages. We will add more when and if they become available.

Dance like it’s 1999

When is the last time you did the Macarena? The Seahawks went back to the 90s to celebrate one of their touchdowns yesterday.

And of course, if you didn’t grow up doing the dance, you might need some practice before you go out and do it in the endzone.

AB going to AB

Antonio Brown is famous for more than his playmaking abilities; his TD dance caught the eye of almost everyone including Pizza Hut as he and teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster do the dance in a Pizza Hut commercial and yesterday they did it in the endzone.

This Celebration is Gold

The Seahawks had more than one celebration yesterday that was gold; this one poked at the Niners.

Moving on to locker room speeches, there were plenty of great ones, and we start with the Giants overtime victory

Giants 30 Bears 27

After the OT win, the Giants are reminded of their resiliency and toughness.

Cardinals 20 Packers 17

Arizona got a big win over the Packers and after they celebrated the thing they went to Wisconsin to do.

Jags 6 Colts 0

The Jags defense stopped a Colts team that had been looking good and after they celebrated their shutout victory.

Texans 29 Browns 13

Houston is looking ever more dangerous week to week, and they celebrate their win over the Browns with a post-game speech from coach.

Bucs 24 Panthers 17

The Bucs take down a division rival and celebrate with all the game balls!

Broncos 24 Bengals 10

Devener took down the Bengals for their third win in a row and spend post-game feeling encouraged to keep up the same mentality.

Rams 30 Lions 16

The Rams get another win this Sunday, and Sean McVay and company celebrate their divisional win!

Chiefs 40 Raiders 33

The Chiefs get it done against Oakland, and Pat Mahomes and company celebrate in the locker room the usual way.

Chargers 33 Steelers 30

The LA Chargers have done it again, and the locker room is lit with energy and celebrations after their Sunday night win over the Steelers.