🎧 TFG Pod: Valerie Bertinelli talks Saints, Browns and Baking

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Melissa opens the Championship Week episode by relishing in the offenses that make up the NFL’s final four (2:33). She also examines the deep emotional vitriol so many feel toward the New England Patriots.

Then Melissa welcomes actress and Football Network host Valerie Bertinelli for a wide-ranging conversation that spans from growing up in a football household to her feelings about the NFL to why a Cleveland Browns baking show wouldn’t work.

Bertinelli explains the origins of her Saints fanhood and why she proudly never put a paper bag over her head in the dark days. Speaking of previous dark days, Bertinelli dishes on why she’s also a Cleveland Browns fan and expresses much hope for the franchise’s future.

The LA resident goes even deeper on football, sharing her issues with the league, her love of players … plus,  she gives us a glimpse into William Shatner’s famous Monday Night Football watch parties! When considering athletes turning to acting,  Bertinelli thinks Tom Brady could be acceptable but has a better fit for his future.

The convo then heads to an uncomfortable place for Melissa – the kitchen. Bertinelli explains the importance of understanding your altitude when baking and and introduces Melissa to a fancy French dough called Pâte à choux. She also describes the joy of watching prodigy kid bakers that put almost every adult to shame.

The Show

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The Rundown

2:28: Melissa on how apt it is that the top 4 offenses make up the NFL’s final four

4:37: Melissa on why she’s picking the Chiefs and Saints to play in the Super Bowl

8:05: Melissa on the difference between regular sports hate  (aka not real hate) and Patriots hate


16:39: Valerie on becoming (and staying!) a Saints fan

20:50: Valerie on also being a Cleveland Browns fan

24:!4: Valerie provides a glimpse inside William Shatner’s MNF parties

31:55: Valerie on the league’s ignorance on Colin Kaepernick

40:35: Could Tom Brady be a decent actor?

43:10: Valerie on strange LA football market

50:12: Valerie on the thrills and emotions of judging kids on Kids Baking Championship

54:33: DO GOODER OF THE WEEK : Chiefs guard Jeff Allen and a homeless man help each other

Notable Quotables

Bertinelli on how the Cowboys turned her into a Saints fan:

When my parents moved to Louisiana everyone in Shreveport were Dallas Cowboys fans and that made me crazy, specifically at that time because the Cowboys were doing so well and the Saints were not. But you live in Louisiana and you have a team. It drove me crazy. So I became a Saints fan in 1979 and I’ve never looked back.

Bertinelli on being rewarded for sticking with the Saints for decades:

I never put a bag over my head. I was always rooting them on. I was the one always saying, ‘You guys watch, one day they’re going to the Super Bowl,’  and this was like for 20 years I was saying this. But when they went in ’09 it felt surreal, insane, wow, this is actually happening. They could possibly win the Super Bowl. 

I think any Saints fan who’s been a fan as long as I have, or even before ’09, the feeling that we had to see them in the Super Bowl was just odd but so exciting and sso thrilling and so invigorating. For them to go on and win the game against Indianapolis was just insane. And for it to happen to a team that di so much for that particular city, it was really thrilling to watch.

The Music

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