Typical Scoring Breakdown

PPR (Points Per Reception) League

Please note this is just an example for those new to fantasy.  Even within a PPR league there can be immense variables such as whether a QB touchdown is worth (4) or (6) points, or how the defense is scored.


(6) Rushing or Receiving TD
(4) Passing TD
(1) Every 10 yards rushing or receiving
(1) Every 25 yards passing
(5) Every 100 yards rushing or receiving
(5) Every 300 yards passing
(1) Every two-point conversion rushing, receiving, or passing
(3) Bonus points for a receiving, rushing, or passing TD over 50 yards

(-2) Every fumble lost or interception thrown


(3) Every made FG
(1) Every successful PAT
(2) Bonus points for a FG over 50 yards

(-2)  Missed PAT
(-2) Missed FG of 30 or under yards

Defense/Special Teams:

(2) Every recovered fumble
(2) Every interception
(4) Extra points if the INT and/or fumble is returned for a TD
(6)  Special Teams TD
(2)  Safety
(2)  Blocked punt, PAT, FG

(15) Defense shuts out opponent
(7)  Defense allows 1-10 points
(3)  Defense allows 11-20 points