First Impressions: The Best NFL Training Camp Arrivals

If the NFL subscribes to any one thing, it is sheer pageantry. Nowhere is our loving gawkfest of men in tights better illustrated than the four or so weeks of drills and practices known as training camp. The players (and their savvy marketers) know this full well and every year they exponentially play to their audience. From emergency entrances arrivals to edible attire, Week 1 of training camp produced some instant classics.

The arrivals

Steelers do it best

Then there was a more sweet and subtle drop off, complete with an old school Toyota Corolla!

Jordy Nelson keeping it simple

That’s one wealthy punter

New teammates Mike Evans and his driver DeSean Jackson are already Ferrari friends


The style

Which turtle is Robert Quinn?

‘Fat and Jacked’ Joe Staley living the dream

Never change, Cam

This is how to ingratiate yourself to a new team