Top 30 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Updated: 8/31/2010

1)      Drew Brees

2)      Aaron Rodgers

3)      Tom Brady

4)      Peyton Manning

5)      Tony Romo

6)      Phillip Rivers

7)      Matt Schaub

8)      Brett Favre

9)      Joe Flacco

10)   Matt Ryan

11)   Kevin Kolb

12)   Donovan McNabb

13)   Eli Manning

14)   Carson Palmer

15)  Ben Roethlisberger (up from 17)

16)   Jay Cutler (down from 15)

17)   Matt Stafford (up from 18)

18)   Chad Henne (up from 19)

19)   Alex Smith (down from 16)

20)   Mark Sanchez

21)   Vince Young (up from 22)

22)   Kyle Orton (up from 23)

23)   Derek Anderson/Matt Leinart (down from 21)

24)   David Garrard

25)   Matt Moore

26)   Matt Cassel

27)   Jason Campbell

28)   Sam Bradford

29)   Josh Freeman

30)   Jake Delhomme


Brees vs. Rodgers:  You’re not going to go wrong with either guy, both of whom could be pushing 5,000 yards this season. But Brees’ eight games in the Superdome vs. Rodgers playing in Lambeau and the Saints playing the NFC West vs. the Packers playing the NFC East trump the fact that Rodgers has a more talented, deeper receiving corps…but just barely.

Brady vs. Manning:  Conventional wisdom might scream Manning for this slot, but we aren’t buying in so fast.  The return of Welker, the supposed best off-season ever for Randy Moss, and the emergence of youngsters such as tight end Rob Gronkowski are laying down the red carpet for Brady. And, as of now he doesn’t have to face Darrelle Revis twice.  Manning is Manning and will undoubtedly have a big year, and with weapons like Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark he’s definitely a Top 4 QB.  We just have a hunch he’s number four.

Favre:  Might have been a slot higher if his #3 and #4 receivers weren’t named (Javon) Walker and  (Greg)Camarillo.  But Favre makes Pro Bowlers out of his receivers (see the Packers version of Walker); not the other way around.

Flacco: We are completely on the Ravens as possible AFC Champion bandwagon, and it’s not predominantly due to the defense as in past years.  The trifecta of Anquan Boldin/Derrick Mason/Donte Stallworth is pretty potent especially when having a smart quarterback with another year on his resume.

Cutler:  We’re not buying the Pollyanna act, Chicago.  The combination of Cutler’s arm being too strong and overrated receivers with which he has little chemistry will add a lot more picks to his rapidly growing career total.

Anderson:  Yes, we are assuming Anderson will be the starter, which means he’ll be throwing to arguably the best receiver in the league. ‘Nuff said.

Delhomme: Laugh all you want, but we think Delhomme is due for resurgence.  Talk about someone needing a change of scenery. He still has above-average mechanics and has already shown a healthy chemistry with Mohamed Massaquoi