Tom Brady would ‘definitely’ consider playing beyond 45

The year is 2024. 46 year-old Tom Brady leads the Bucs to their third straight Super Bowl berth. It’s a far-fetched notion for anyone on the planet except for Brady.

During Monday’s virtual media session in advance of Super Bowl LV, Brady answered “yeah, definitely” when asked whether or not he’d consider playing past 45.

In 2018, when Brady was just a baby at age 40 he stunned the world by suggesting that he could perform at a high level at age 41-42-43 and so forth. Since then Brady has collected another Super Bowl ring and is one game away from his seventh win after leading a high octane offense in Tampa. Brady’s 40 touchdown passes this season is his most since 2007.

Brady’s contemporaries like Drew Brees and Philip Rivers recently retired in large part due to the physical limitations that come with aging as an athlete. Yet Brady, older than both Brees and Rivers, continues to be in tip-top shape. Brady, while no Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, has just enough of physicality left to supplement his ability to process every defensive read under the sun.

Brady further explained his rationale about continuing to play.