Tom Brady on anthem protests: ‘I don’t really pay attention to that’

A still sullen Tom Brady made his regular season weekly spot on WEEI Radio this morning. (Listen to the full interview here.)

The conversation was mostly a tick-tock of the Patriots loss, and Brady echoed his postgame thoughts on the team’s lack of competitiveness and drive. Near the end of the conversation, one of the hosts leadingly asked Brady if he was proud that none of his teammates sat during the anthem.

“I don’t really pay attention to that. Probably a lot of things to think about at that time, but I haven’t thought about it that much.”

Brady who cleared showed zero interest in this discussion point was then asked if he’s paid attention to the Kaepernick stuff. “Not much, not this time of year I feel like my attention goes in a lot of places. Not much.”

The hosts trying to squeeze anything out of Brady on the topic then asked if he had a good relationship with Kaepernick “No, I don’t know Colin very well at all. I’ve never really had a conversation with him.”

Next topic:  Tony Romo and whether or not Brady would want to get into broadcasting to which Brady responded “No,” before the question was finished.

How disappointing given how much he has to say.