The Wise Guy says “c’mon man!” to ESPN’s “C’mon Man!” segment

Am I allowed to say c’mon man! to Monday Night Countdown’s weekly C’mon Man segment?  It’s only because I look forward to the segment so much that last night’s was such a disappointment.  The phrase has become entrenched into my daily lexicon in response to any clumsy or stupid move I or someone else makes.  Spill soda on the couch, Cmon Man!  Forget my wallet when I walk out the door, Cmon Man!  Try to skim some weed off my dime bag, Cmon Man!  It pretty much applies to any situation.

But last night’s segment makes me think that Cmon Man! might be approaching jump the shark status (to steal yet another TV phrase).  It featured only four videos, and only two of those were from the NFL.  This is a clear violation of the Cmon Man! mission statement, which reads: thou shalt have at least 6 Cmon Man! videos per week, two of which shall be read by Keyshawn (the originator).  Granted, the two non-NFL Cmon Man! videos were particularly deserving (see below): (a) the Ohio University Bobcat’s takedown of Brutus Buckeye, and (b) the CFL player who fumbled a surefire touchdown a yard before the goal line.  But that’s no reason to skimp on the NFL action, which lets face it, features tons of bonehead plays, coaching moves, and ref calls on a weekly basis.

What’s particularly egregious is the omission of a Brett Favre Cmon Man!, after throwing three picks to the Dolphins and essentially losing the game for them.  But that would require the ESPN to criticize Brett Favre, something that, as we all know, violates Mission Statement #2 (right after not criticizing LeBron).

Should I say it one more time? Of course.  ESPN, Cmon Man!

I’m guessing this was the best tackle of the game for Ohio


This guy must have attended the Desean Jackson academy last summer

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