The Football Girl: Would you date Chad Ochocinco?

Chad Ochocinco is no longer a reality show rookie.  He ended his Dancing with the Stars run in perfect fashion, dancing the chachacha while showing off an upper body any man would envy.  Now the quintessential soft news maker is about to present that chest to a plethora of lucky ladies on his next reality show, ‘The Ultimate Catch’  which debuts on VH1 this Sunday, followed by The T.O. Show. (A little tip for any athlete who wants a reality show:  hit up VH1).  Thekey to Chad’s heart begins with an NCAA Tournament style 85 girl bracket and dwindles down to un especial uno.

If there is any type of potential wife that should be vetted through a public lens, it’s a professional athlete’s.  We, the audience can clearly spot a bad seed a mile away. I mean, look how we astutely pointed out that Vienna was evil match for a guy of Jake’s outstanding character. Oh yeah, we nailed that one.

There are a lot of groupie/gold digger types out there that will see Ochoconco as a big “cha-ching” and nothing more. But we’ve got to assume some of the ladies are there looking for love.  Check out this trailer and judge for yourself:

So the big question today:  Is Chad Ochocinco good dating material?  We make a case for both sides.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Date Chad Ochocinco

10) Hard to imagine he’d have time for a lady with the whole filming himself brushing his teeth and inability to go two minutes without tweeting.

9)   Might be a bit cumbersome when he mandates your wedding guest list includes his 973,518 (and counting) Twitter followers.

8)   If the Bengals make the playoffs again, there’s a good chance he could get stranded on Revis Island for good.

7)  There’s never been a more apt poster child for the phrase “phone attached to the hip.”  Then again, you could sell a pretty sweet reality series, Tweets from the Altar.

6)  Chad the philosopher occasionally makes you roll your eyes.A recent Twitter special: For Ladies-why is it always the passenger in the nice  car trying to holla -BOY YOU TRIPPIIN
5)  Your relationship is guaranteed to be visible on my iphone.  Look for the Ocho Cinco lovemaking app, the Mrs. OchoCinco naughty lingerie app, etc.

4)   He’s not over Cheryl Burke.

3)   He is delusional about being bilingual.

2)   He takes pictures like this.

1)   Hello, Cincinnati

Top 10 Reasons to Date Chad Ochocinco

10) He likes to eat at J. Alexanders, a chain of similar quality to Houston’s that is mounds above the typical athlete haunts. No TGI Friday’s or Applebee’s for Ochocinco!

9)  Money, and I don’t mean in the get facials and buy a new Louis Vuitton bag every day way.  I mean money that could allow you to go to graduate school, open a business, start a non-profit, etc.

8)  His drink of choice is Red Bull and cranberry, meaning he won’t be as susceptible to drunken fool behavior.

7)  He can dance.  Maybe he didn’t show that on DWTS, but tell me this isn’t a money quickstep?

6)  Between his 973,518 (and counting) Twitter followers you can expect your wedding registry to be fully completed and then some.

5)  He’ll likely have top notch career advice.

4)  He’s inquisitive. A recent tweet:  Da lick reading for today is, I am gonna be great by all means, what yall lick read for today?

3)  You can design a fine worthy celebration.

2)  You wouldn’t have to feel compelled to take his last name.

1)  He’s totally harmless

Bonus points: He’s an animal lover!

Lots of pros and cons to weigh here.  When you finish delibirating, we’d love to hear your final verdict.

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