The Fashionista’s Girl’s Ultimate Gift Guide

TFG’s Clutch Holiday Gift Guide

Have you found yourself in the holiday red zone, still in need of gifts for family, friends, and co-workers?  Well fret not, for we’ve provided you with a comprehensive guide to perfect presents for all your football guys and gals, suitable for a range of contexts and price points.

The Sure Thing

Fathead Wall Art

Fatheads have been around for years now, but the novelty never wears off.  These are all-around winners for the girl or guy fanatic – as a gag, in the office, or for family.  $79.99 – $99.99

I know I’d love to start the day with a little Vince Young inspiration (hint, hint). 

The Wiz

NFL Vibrating Football

Remember when kids would go to the arcade and play games alongside actual people rather than via cyberspace walkie-talkie-whatchama-doozits?  The tabletop football game recreates that spirit of arcade comraderie at home, sans quarters, and with updated vibrating action!  $40.00

                                     It vibrates!

The iPhone Junkie

Football Gaming Apps

Apps are cheap and super cool.  Two football games are particularly popular: NFL 2010 ($2.99) and Madden 2010 ($6.99). Unfortunately you can’t give apps directly yet, so you’ll either have to buy an iTunes gift card and artfully suggest the apps to your loved one, or else hack their iTunes and artfully explain how you accessed their account.ully explain how you accessed their account.

Worth the hassle, if he/she is a true junkie.

The Throwback

Big Sunday Football Game

Ready for some wholesome family fun times?  Big Sunday will take you back to the olden days when an apple was fruit and QBs got a concussion and walked it off.  Seriously though, it’s a good game that actually employs some actual game time strategy. $44.99

Kitschy, clean, and clever – a great family gift.

The Sport

Virtual Distance Football

There are mixed reviews on the quality of this ball. But it should at least provide enough entertainment to work off some of those Christmas cookies.  $14.99

                       Get outside already!

The Stylizer

Touch Classic Satin Baseball Collar Jacket—by-Alyssa-Milano_-1617564705_PG.html

I love this jacket for its versatility and feminine cut. I can dream up a myriad of looks – basic casual as shown; hipster with a pair of Wayfarers, tight white jeans and heels; California casual with a sexy, light dress and tousled hair in a ponytail. $64.99

A Fashionista Girl Pick

The Hottie

Fan Swimwear

Available in tankini and bikini forms, these swimsuits make a great talking point whilst lounging poolside. $39.99

Don’t be surprised if he pats your Pats!

The Coldie

NFL Huddler

Like the Snuggie, but jazzier… and on sale! $14.95

How was this not co-opted by Chad Ochocinco?

The Classic

Official Team Jersey

Easy to pick, simple to size, and customizable. This gift has staying power. $80.00+

They’ll bring it out again and again.


The Perv

Men’s Team G-String

I’m going to take a wild guess that these skivvies are more about novelty than quality.  But $8.99 isn’t bad for a party favor or stocking stuffer.

                                                       Balls of Steelers?

The Maniac

Team Faux-Facepaint Mask

Personally I don’t get it.  But clearly there are a lot of dudes in the stands who do.  Here’s to you, weirdoes. $9.99

Argggghhhh! I am crazy fan and I want beeeeeeeer!!!

The Dog

Tailgate Companion

From the makers of The 3-in-1 Condiment Gun, The Grooler, and the most annoying commercials at halftime, the Tailgate Companion gives your pup a way to earn his keep. $4.99

Chop chop, Fido!

The Bookish Types (perfect for enjoying in your Snuggie… ahem, Huddler.)

Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman, by Jon Krakauer

A powerful, tragic account of the dynamic and complex Arizona Cardinal who gave up football to fight in Iraq and Afganistan.$14.97

The Blind Side, by Michael Lewis

The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American and first round NFL draft pick under the care of a loving family. Beneath the amazing story is an equally compelling illustration of the inner mechanics of a winning football team. $14.58

Sports Illustrated Monday Morning Quarterback: A fully caffeinated guide to everything you need to know about the NFL, by Peter King

Like a quick jolt of joe, Monday Morning provides witty insights on the game that are as wise as they are spontaneous.$17.13

Kick, Pass, and Run, by Leonard Kessler

A perennial favorite for sporty kids ages 4-8.  Only $3.99!