The Fashionista Girl: A Post-Modern Glimpse Into the Many Looks of Brett Favre

One of the greatest sports storylines of the decade, the legend of Brett Favre, is reportedly winding down today.  Big Arm Brett has taken us on a wild ride full of drama, suspense, and tears… manifested mostly by his own tortured soul of gridiron genius.

For this, some love the Good Ol’ Boy while others quite vociferously hate him.  Personally I can’t reason out the extent of venom directed to this guy who’s really just neurotic, and thus have to chalk all the bile up to jealousy.  Sure, the Comeback Kid is a waffler – retired one day, back the next – but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before from other sports phenoms.  What sticks in people’s gullets is that he’s so darn good while being completely understated.  There’s nothing quite as irksome as being bested by someone who clearly doesn’t care what you think.  And, judging by his no nonsense wardrobe, he really doesn’t.

While at Green Bay, Brett’s wardrobe was a pretty steady diet of basic button-downs and polo shirts.  Conservative. Respectable. Controlled.

 These shirts are so… restrictive…. (sniff).


Newly released from the cheesy constraints of his past, Jet Favre is rarely seen post-game in collared shirts again, favoring a grey t-shirt instead.


New contract, New York, new tees!

 He carries the look over to Minnesota.


(8-18-2009) – Brett quickly announced his return to the game as Vikes’ QB so that he could finish the weeding before sundown.


 (10-5-2009) After he leads the Vikes to victory against the Pack, Purple Jesus works his “go-to” ensemble.



(12-28-09) Mixing up the grey in a racy cloak of brown, Brett shows a refreshing alternative look that manages to capture attention without distracting.



Brett Favre, while being completely uninterested in flash and trends, has managed to exhibit a distinct style – the style of being completely uninterested in trends.  He’s the talented version of the lead character Peter Gibbons from “Office Space” who underwent fuck-it hypnosis.


He’s wearing his jersey easy and breezy dammit.


Like Peter, who gains recognition from his devil-may-care attitude, Favre’s “fuck it” style statement earned him a commercial contract with Wrangler Jeans.  The company pegged his ad with the aptly laconic slogan, “Real. Comfortable. Jeans.”  After watching the Gunslinger toss the pigskin with other everyday dudes, we must surmise that donning a pair of theses big box classics will surely impart a power passing game or at least a friend with that ability.



(7-20-08) If I wear Wranglers, can I win an Espy too?



Or be flown in a private jet? Hell, with those power shades, I’d believe he flew it himself. 


Or be on the cover of a video game?

The Favre: Dude, I’m on a video game.

Deanna: Uh-huh.

The Favre: High Five!

It’s going to be exciting to see how the legend pans out this year.  Will B-Fav and his Purple People Eaters keep the legend alive?  Will he be rolled out in a stretcher after physical and psychological defeat at the hands of the Cowboys?  And either way, what will be his next style metamorphosis?   No matter what destiny the gods have in store for ol’ Country, I look forward to the all the drama, debate, and yes, hoopla to follow.