That’s Favre

That’s Favre

That’s Favre, that’s what all the people say.

He’s retired in April, on the fence in May.

But we know he’s gonna come back soon.

On a Thursday night, three months past June.

I said that’s Brett, and as flaky as he may seem.

He’ll throw a couple picks, then squash opponents dreams.

But I don’t let it, let it get me down.

Cause that old man Favre’s got his ‘Pants on the Ground.’

He’s been a Packer, retired, a Jet, retied, a Viking and now

He’s got Childress, and Schefter, and Mort, and King, all on the prowl.

Each time he seems to say “enough of this place”

He picks himself up and gets back in the race.

That’s Favre, that’s  F-A-V-R-E

Without him in the league, how boring it would be

But if his ankle makes him say goodbye

I’m gonna roll up with my football and die

(Please don’t go Brett)

My my

Lyricist/Pianist: Dave Emanuelson

Vocalist: Melissa Jacobs

Co-directors: Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smithee