TFG Podcast: Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones is the ultimate personification of multi-faceted.  In this in-depth profile interview, we discuss the workout regime that has contributed to his usually long running back career; his pursuit of a Master’s in Education; his wait-until-you-hear-it exotic car collection; and his side career as a music mogul.

And don’t worry football fans, we also discuss his platoon situation in Kansas City and get his thoughts on fantasy football.  Plus you can add him to list of guys not in favor of the new devastating hit rules. The interview is long (17:30) but Jones is a remarkably interesting listen.

Listen to the full interview here.


On whether he or Jamaal Charles is the official starting running back in Kansas City:  I think there’s a lot of emphasis put on starting, but whoever starts the game it doesn’t matter.  Especially in Kansas City. Certain games there are going to be certain game plans that may call for one player to be a decoy or make a play that’s designed for that player to start the game off. There’s a lot of strategy that goes in, and I don’t think a lot of people realize that.  They just look at the starting lineup.

On the new hit rules:  It’s a touchy subject because football is football. Since I was seven years old I’ve been taught to hit and a lot of times guys don’t intentionally go in with their head but your head is attached to your shoulders and you hit with your shoulder and head.  Each hit is different. If I’m blocking a guy sometimes I may be able to hit him with my shoulders, but if I can’t get my shoulders down and the guy gets up on me too fast, I might have to lower my head to have to stop him.  I’m all for protecting the players, but this is the most violent game on the planet that we play and everyone knows that.

On whether the new rules will later the game: I think a lot of guys are just going to play, which is what you have to do. Because then if you go out there and play it safely, you get hurt. This is a violent game. A contact sport is a collision sport.

On knowing what you’re signing up for regarding the violence: Those things are learned at a young age. Even in Pop Warner that kid that has the biggest hit is the kid that’s respected and feared. And at each level that respect goes up and up.

On his workout regimen:  Working out has been in the top two or three factors [for career longevity]. As a running back, I look at my body as armor. A lot of guys, I think the older they get they slack off from working out but my mentality is the older I get the more I have to work and make sure my body’s in tip-top shape….It’s the mental aspect too. I feel like by me working hard and maybe another guy’s playing a video game or shopping or at the movies, when I’m in-season I look at that as my opportunity to get ahead of a guy.

A typical workout: On Monday, I’ll do legs.  6 sets of squats, 3-4 sets of hamstring curls, 3-4 sets of leg extensions 3 sets of calf raises, and then I’ll do 6 sets of bench and 6 sets of pull-ups. Then I’ll do incline bench press and seated rows.   Then Tuesday I do biceps and triceps and shoulders and traps to keep my neck and shoulders strong. Wednesday I do the same workout as Monday. Thursday I do the same workout as Tuesday. I work out pretty much every day except for Sunday.

On the importance of education:  My parents wanted to make sure they instilled education as being a huge part of our lives instead of academics. I’m more proud of my degree and the fact that I was able to take calculus and English and physics in high school and enter college with twelve credits and graduate a year early. I’m more proud of that than anything I’ve done in the NFL.

On his car obsession:   When I was the kid that had all the matchbox cars, rolling them on the kitchen floor and up to my mom’s ankles. I was fascinated with cars as a kid. When I was drafted and had the money to buy those cars I kind of lost my mind a little bit.  Right now I has an S500 Benz, a Ford Expedition 99 I had in college. In Florida where I live I have an Astor Martin Vanquish, Bentley GT Coupe, an R8 Audi, Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rover, and a Murcielago Lamborghini