TFG Podcast: Hottest Offseason Storylines to Watch

This week, Melissa is joined by The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones to wrap up Super Bowl 54 and look ahead to the people, stories and controversies that will define the NFL this offseason and into next season.

The Rundown

9:11: Is Patrick Mahomes officially the new face of the NFL?

14:05: Lindsay on the difficultly of building a dynasty in the NFL

17:46: The stigma in San Francisco

21:47: Tom Brady watch heats up

24:50: How the free agent QB dominoes may fall (Rivers, Newton, Tannehill, etc)

32:02: What the Jags back-to-back London games means for possible franchise move

36:01: A rant on officiating

41:49: How Katie Sowers’ story may do wonders for normalizing football

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