TFG Podcast: Denver Broncos Player Performance Coach Emily Zaler

Emily Zaler is a model in persistence paying off. Zaler, a player performance coach for the Broncos and the team’s first-ever full-time female coach, aspired to work in the NFL. The former college soccer star had experience working on strength and conditioning with NFL players for what is now Exos Performance Center. But that didn’t lead to any job offers when she reached out to the strength and conditioning staffs of every NFL team. Then Zaler discovered the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship in 2020. She applied but in any effort to gain visibility, followed up with all clubs. The Denver Broncos, coincidentally Zaler’s top choice, offered her a training camp fellowship which in turn morphed into the full-time job she currently holds.

In the latest episode of The Football Girl Podcast, Zaler takes the listeners through her journey from soccer to the epiphany that she wanted to make player performance a career. She also details her day-to-day role with the Broncos and her unintended role as a role model for the next (and current) generation of girls aspiring to work in football.

Also in the episode, Melissa opens by doting on the undefeated Arizona Cardinals and explains why this year will be different than 2020. She also has many thoughts on Urban Meyer’s night out in Ohio and the disastrous situation in Jacksonville.

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(Lead photo courtesy of the Denver Broncos)