🎙TFG Pod: The Ultimate 49ers Show (Starring Joe Staley and Dante Pettis)

49ers fans and cat lovers, you’ve come to the right podcast episode! This week Melissa was in Santa Clara to observe one of the most hyped teams in the NFL. Melissa chats with 49ers beat writer Jennifer Lee Chan of about expectations, breakout stars & why we’re so obsessed with Jimmy G off the field.

Then 49ers rookie WR Dante Pettis joins to talk about his love of cats, his blue hair and what’s surprised him most in the early NFL tenure.

Elder statesman LT Joe Staley also joins to talk about the cultural shift, taking rookie tackle Mike McGlinchey under his wing and urinating in public.

Later on, we award our Do-Gooder of the Week to Dolphins WR Kenny Stills. Check out Kenny’s immense off-the-field footprint .




8:13 Jennifer Lee Chan from Niners Nation joins to explain how the 49ers have escaped injury catastrophe

10:33 JLC on expectations for Jerick McKinnon and the other RBs

14:00 JLC on the media’s over-the-top obsession with Jimmy Garoppolo

16:23 JLC on the 49ers’ candidates for breakout stars

23:11 49ers rookie WR and feline lover Dante Pettis helps talk Melissa through her fear of cats

27:15 Pettis on having a ton of outside interest in today’s NFL

29:58 Pettis on his unique running style

31:08 Pettis on Garoppolo’s ability to communicate with the WRs

34:05 49ers LT Joe Staley explains how he openly urinates during practice

35:05 Staley on his close (possibly too close) relationship with rookie tackle Mike McGlinchey

37:16 Staley on the team holding its head up during last year’s losing streak

38:15 Staley on Kyle Shanahan’s extreme command of x’s and o’s knowledge

40:02 Our Do-Gooder of the Week is Dolphins WR Kenny Stills


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