TFG Pod: Mega NFL Playoff Preview with USA Today’s Lindsay Jones

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If you remotely like football, you will want to hear the immense insight from this week’s guest, USA Today National NFL reporter Lindsay Jones. Jones chats with host, Melissa Jacobs, about al things playoffs. Can any team beat the Patriots? Is Case Keenum Super Bowl ready? Are the Eagles doomed? Will Tom Brady retire if the Patriots lose?  They also discuss an oddly quiet Black Monday, balancing motherhood with the odd schedule of the NFL and much more.


The Rundown:

1:15: Melissa on Bills fans donating to Andy Dalton’s Foundation

6:20: Lindsay Jones on why Marvin Lewis kept his job

11:45: Lindsay on the Broncos coaching situation

17:20: Lindsay on probability of Chiefs making a run

19:30: Lindsay on Tyreek Hill’s immense value as a weapon

22:15: Lindsay is not high on the Titans

24:10: Lindsay discloses her vote for Defensive Player of the Year (her vote actually counts)

25:00: Lindsay thinks the Jags defense might be able to disrupt Tom Brady

29:00: Lindsay’s AFC pick

34:15: Melissa and Lindsay on whether Brady could retire if Pats lose

36:05: Lindsay doesn’t see much of a path for the Eagles

39:20: Lindsay on who are the real Panthers

44:35: Lindsay’s Super Bowl pick

47:00: Lindsay has a good new fit for Alex Smith

51:30: Lindsay on balancing motherhood and a crazy NFL schedule

58:00: Melissa’s Super Bowl pick

58:58: Melissa hands out the first and only Football Girl Grinder Award

Jones on why Black Monday was tamer than expected:

“There’s not a lot of sexy candidates out there and I think that was kind of the feeling around the league this year if you have to make the move – Chicago, Indianapolis, the places where the coaches had run their course and were going to make a change. But if you were in the middle, if you were the Bengals, if you were the Broncos where you were on the fence about whether or not you want to retain your coach, you look at what’s out there and there’s not a lot of homerun candidates.”

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