TFG Pod: Meet 49ers Chief Administrative Officer, Hannah Gordon

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One glimpse at 49ers Chief Administrative Officer Hannah Gordon and you might think she’s a model or a fashion magazine executive.  Instead she is crushing stereotypes as a team executive-in charge of legal, youth education and fan outreach just to name a few departments she oversees. Originally a sports journalist turned Raiders PR intern, Gordon credits an ice cream date with Raiders CEO Amy Trask as part of the impetus for her decision to go to law school.  Trask’s rationale was if you don’t fit into a stereotypical box, especially as a 5’10” woman like Gordon, that it really helps to have some piece of tangible credibility, like a diploma form Stanford Law.

On the latest episode of the TFG Gordon shares much more of her journey to team executive, provides a lens into the 49ers’ inclusivity efforts and offers helpful tips of how not to overdose with technology.

Also, Melissa shares her thoughts on her the Rooney Rule can be improved and gives her picks for the NFL’s divisional round!

3:25: Melissa on the flawed Rooney Rule and how to improve it

7:35: Melissa on the inherent unfairness of the coaching cycle calendar


17:44: Hannah on how she climbed the ladder at the 49ers

20:58: How Amy Trask inspired Hannah to go to law school

24:50: Hannah on the 49ers’ Pride club for LQBTQ+ fans

34:49: Hannah on her typical day and how she’s most productive

39:00: Melissa explains why she’s picking the 49ers, Chiefs, Ravens and Packers