TFG Pod: In Conversation with Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

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Election Day is less than five weeks ago and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is extraordinarily busy. Benson, whose state went to Donald Trump by less than 10,000 votes in 2016, is working tirelessly to ensure the citizens of Michigan know their ballots will be received and counted accurately. She’s doing so while deflecting falsehoods from the President. 

As a young girl who loved baseball, Benson wanted to be an umpire when she grew up. While she gave up on that dream long ago, she finds the irony in her current role as “an umpire of democracy.” Benson joined The Football Girl Podcast talk about her inspiring career which has always weaved in a heavy dose of sports and advocacy. Benson talks everything from her task force that is providing opportunities for women and girls in sports to her recent initiatives with the Detroit Lions (and other Michigan sports teams) to get out the vote and use Ford Field as an Election Day depository.

Episode Rundown

4:45: Melissa dotes on Russell Wilson and shares her thoughts on the NFL’s first COVID outbreak


12:55: Benson on running the Boston Marathon at EIGHT months pregnant!

20:47: Benson on becoming the CEO of RISE (Ross Institute for Sports Equality)

22:30: Benson on Michigan’s task force for women and girls and sports and how it might improve on Title IX

30:15: Benson on marching with the Lions coaching staff in the wake of George Floyd’s murder

32:58: Benson on the Lions’ voter education efforts and the powerful story of DE Trey Flowers

35:22: Benson on ignoring disparaging tweets about her from the President.

38:13: Benson on why Michigan may not know its Election Day results until Friday

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