TFG Interview: Mike Jenkins, Dallas Cowboys

We continue our series of player interviews by talking to one of the NFL’s rising stars, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins.  The outspoken Pro Bowler, already known for not mincing words with the media, took some time to address a variety of subjects ranging from his personal goals for this season to his thoughts on Jerry World to which team should sign Terrell Owens (Hint: They’re in the NFC East).

The Football Girl:  I saw you quoted somewhere as saying your rookie season was mediocre.  What did you change to transform  from “mediocre” to a Pro Bowler last year?

Mike Jenkins:  I guess I kept getting more reps. I’m a much more active player than I am physical, so more game experience was really the key for me.

TFG:  What is like playing for the most famous team in the NFL, a team every football fan in America has an opinion about?

MJ:  Just to be up there with the Yankees and the Bulls, being on America’s team, it’s crazy.  Our fan base is unbelievable and is everywhere.

TFG:   Are you often recognized outside of the Dallas market?

MJ:  I went to D.C. for a signing last week and was recognized by so many people even though the Redskins and Ravens are there.  It’s really crazy.

TFG:  What was your reaction when you saw the new Jerry World, particularly the big screen?

MJ:  I was amazed. I was like a big kid.  But to be honest, I kind of miss the old stadium. It was more traditional with lots of great history.

TFG:  What did being selected to the Pro Bowl last year mean to you?

MJ:  It was good. It was one of my goals to achieve. It was definitely all right although I still could have been better, which is one of my goals for this year.  I want to make the Pro Bowl again, and I’m focused on playing in the Super Bowl in Dallas.

TFG:  That was my question. Besides your team winning the Super Bowl, what are some of your personal goals in football this year in terms of wanting to be better than this guy or have this many interceptions?

MJ:  I set my personal goals based off of last year.  I want to try and get eight [interceptions] this year. Try and just look up upon last year’s numbers and improve upon them.

TFG:  You recently were quoted as praising Dez Bryant, even suggesting he might be your best receiver.  What have you seen to draw that conclusion?

MJ:  I said if he played hard and put in the extra work that it takes, he could be the best receiver.

TFG:  Talk about your Cornerback Connection Foundation.  What are you trying to do in the community?

MJ:  Just giving back, giving to our community.  We (Jenkins, Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, and Fabian Washington) had a football clinic each Saturday of the month. Our friends and family got involved with and it was great helping like kids in the Bradenton, Florida area.  We plan to expand our cities.

TFG:  Great.  Well now I’d like to ask you some rapid fire questions to get to know a little more about you and your general football views. ?

TFG:  Best cornerback in the NFL?

MJ: Mike Jenkins

TFG:  A team that should sign T.O.?

MJ:  Dallas Cowboys

TFG:  Best Cowboy of all-time?

MJ:  Emmitt Smith

TFG:  Favorite NFL city to visit?

MJ:  Green bay

TFG:  Your best friend/s in the NFL

MJ:  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Fabian Washington

TFG:  One thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

MJ:  That I was born in Germany

TFG:  One thing people would be surprised to learn about Jerry Jones?

MJ:  He’s really goofy. Not as serious as people think.

TFG:  Song that gets you pumped up

MJ:  “B.M.F.” by Rick Ross

TFG:  One world to describe Mike Jenkins

MJ:  Amazing.

TFG:  Thanks for the time, Mike.  Hope to talk you again during the season, perhaps as you’re approaching eight interceptions.

MJ:  Sounds great.