TFG Interview: Bruce Campbell, Oakland Raiders

Bruce Campbell is one of the more intriguing members of this year’s rookie class.  Many pundits had Campbell as a high first rounder, yet he fell to the Raiders in the fourth round at the 106th pick.  In another twist, Coach Tom Cable decided to move Campbell from offensive tackle to offensive guard, a position he has never played.

I had a chance to catch up with Campbell and find out his feelings about the draft, his new position, and playing for the most stigmatized team in football.  And, in a series of rapid-fire, get-to-know-you questions, Campbell reveals himself as a very gutsy potential fantasy football owner.

A physical specimen indeed.

The Football Girl:  First off, anyone that’s seen you knows you’re a beast. I’m sure you get the freak of nature label too. Your offensive line coach at Maryland said you were the only guy he’s seen at 6’6 and 310 pounds with abs. Tell us about your abs pack (3 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack) and how you maintain it all.

Bruce Campbell:  It’s a 6-pack, but not truly defined because I don’t work on my stomach that much. But I just work out all the time.  I love doing push-ups; whenever I have any free time I just do them.

TFG:  Al Davis had been high on you since the combine. Where did you think you were getting drafted and by whom?

BC:  I thought I was going to be late second to third, and tell you the truth, I thought probably Oakland, Dallas, or Baltimore that’s really it. I didn’t know after that. Oh wait, maybe Minnesota too. Anywhere else and I would have been shocked.

TFG:  Based on where you and others thought you’d be drafted, were you disappointed with dropping to the fourth round?

BC:  No, not disappointed. The draft is crazy. Whatever happens happens. If I had been disappointed, I wouldn’t have performed the way I did at OTAs and minicamp.

TFG:  As you know, everyone has an opinion about the Raiders. Love ‘em or hate ‘em.. What’s it like going to a team with such an interesting stigma?

BC:  Really, it was kind of weird.  People keep saying ‘good luck’ with a ‘you’re going to hate it there’ tone of voice.  But I really like Oakland, and honestly, the fan base is unbelievable.

TFG:  Have you met The Violator yet?

BC:  No

TFG:  Good luck with that.

TFG:  Tom Cable quickly announced he was moving you from tackle to guard before you ever took the field.  How did you find out and what was your reaction?

BC:  I was shocked. I was speechless, really.  I didn’t know what to say.  He called and asked if I was ok with that and I was like ‘uh-huh.’  I think that’s the only thing that could have come out of mouth at that moment.  If Coach Cable put me there, I’m not going to be upset.

TFG:  You just signed your contract on Friday. Congrats. Did you make a big first purchase?

BC:  No, not really. Well, actually a car

TFG:  What kind?

BC:  A Dodge Challenger

TFG:  Cool.  Well now I want to take you through a quick series of rapid fire questions so we can get to know you a little better.

TFG:  What song most pumps you up?

BC:  “Lose my Mind” by Young Jeezy

TFG:  Favorite NFL team besides the Raiders?

BC:  Tampa Bay

TFG:  Favorite TV show?

BC:  River Monsters on Animal Planet

TFG:  Favorite NFL analyst?

BC:  I really don’t have one.

TFG:  Best football player out of Maryland?

BC:  I can’t answer that.

TFG:  Your number one fantasy football draft pick?

BC:  These are tough questions.  I’m not really a football guy in that I don’t watch a lot of games.

TFG:  No worries. Let’s move on

BC:  Oh wait. I got it. Tim Tebow. If you got Tebow I feel like you can never lose.

TFG:  Dream girl?

BC:  Alicia Keys

TFG:  One adjective to describe Bruce Campbell?

BC:  Funny.  Guys always say I’m funny.  I’m not sure I get it but that’s what they always say.

TFG:  Well, I think your Tim Tebow response was pretty funny.

BC:  OK then.

TFG:  Thanks for spending the time, and best of luck for a successful rookie year.

BC:  Thanks for having me.