Get Ready for TFG 2.0

No beating around the bush here: For the better part of last season TFG sadly laid dormant. The overwhelming culprit is that I was knee deep in a time consuming job as the NFL editor at and as a result, TFG’s heartbeat had slowed.

But there is much unfinished business. The allure of the established TFG community and the possibility of growth have consistently been magnetic.

Thus, I am beyond thrilled to return to TFG on a full-time basis as we aim to once again turn the brand into a relevant part of the NFL landscape. Our vision is to is provide sharp editorial content, while reaching out in new ways that will inspire an evergrowing number of women to become newly engaged NFL fans while satiating those already entrenched in the NFL zeitgeist.

With my return and an uptick in girl (and man) power, TFG 2.0 has much promise though we know how hard we have to work to keep you coming back. Look for a cornucopia of quality analysis, passionate and well-informed opinions, insightful interviews and plenty of unique features (Positively Gruden, anyone?). Plus, new segments, a podcast and plenty of surprise contributors along the way, all housed on a TFG site that is undergoing a full makeover.

What a fascinating time to cover the NFL. The best quarterback and coach in NFL history are still in their primes. Roger Goodell is constantly rewriting the rules, geography and talking points of the league. Most importantly, the intersection of football, politics and society is boiling over like never before. We are proud and thrilled to be well positioned to cover it all.

We anticipate a full redesign in April but for updates on our progress another important announcements, please like our Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Thank you so much for your continued support!

xoxo ~ Melissa