Talkin Idol with The Schwab – Week 2 Semis

I know what you’re thinking, American Idol and NFL football, what a perfect combination!  We couldn’t agree more.  After all there has always been a strong linkage between America’s most sport and America’s ratings juggernaut.  Just a few examples from this season alone:

Tim Tebow’s ex-girlfriend, Janell Wheeler made this season’s Top 24.  Unfortunately the lord didn’t help blondie with her tremble hand syndrome, thus leading to her elimination last week.

Big Mike (as in Michael Lynche, not Michael Oher) resembles a football player more than any real football player on the planet.  Lo and behold, last week’s syrupy intro piece revealed that Mike did, in fact, play a little football.

Personal favorite:  New judge Ellen DeGeneres singlehandedly made Kurt Warner shockingly cool last year. (See below)

But first, TFG editor Melissa Jacobs and ESPN celebrity, Howie Schwab are admittedly huge American Idol nerds, voting each week, getting livid at preposterous judges comments (like the Randy Jackson special, ‘that was two million percent better, dawg’), and generally just caring a little too much for not being teenagers or related to any of the contestants.  In that spirit, let us present the first of several Idol podcasts.  And don’t worry, we even manage to sprinkle in a little football talk.

Howie Schwab can’t be stumped when it comes to Idol passion.  Listen here:


meet your twin, Howie

Dear Ochocinco:  Break a leg and a worthy backup is ready to samba.