ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith butchers Chargers-Chiefs matchups to watch

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith gets paid $3 million a year to host ESPN’s First Take and generally deliver opinions and analysis with an extreme amount of gusto. But apparently that salary doesn’t include basic research. This morning Smith was shockingly off kilter when discussing Thursday Night’s Chiefs-Chargers matchup. Smith declared that three players who will decidedly not be taking  were among those watch. Fellow analyst Tedy Bruschi looked on in horror.


The Chargers had a little fun at Smith’s expense.

Mistakes happen in sports all the time, and we are guilty as anyone. We (perhaps unfairly) pounce on every minor mispronunciation but this type of error rooted in clear lack of knowledge and preparation. It is also frustrating for journalists who grind every day and make far less than $3 mill a year.