Sarah Thomas Set to Become First Woman to Officiate a Super Bowl

Six years ago Sarah Thomas made history when she became the first female official in the NFL. During her six seasons reffing NFL game after NFL game, we’ve heard very little of her name, which is the goal of an NFL official. Largely well-regarded, Thomas has hunkered down and gained more and more respect in NFL circles. This season her officiating grades were high enough to make history: she has earned a spot officiating Super Bowl LV. It’s the highest honor a football official can earn.

Thomas’s success has not yet led to a second NFL female referee, though the now defunct XFL tried to emphasis giving female refs an opportunity. There have been a smattering of women in the NFL’s officiating developmental program. But with a worldwide audience watching Sarah and her signature blonde ponytail looped through her cap, hopefully a new generation of young girls will also be inspired to some day join the officiating ranks.