Sanders Commings, Cornerback, Georgia

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Sanders Commings is one of those kids born to be an athlete. This April won’t be Commings’ first go-around with a professional league’s draft – the Arizona Diamondbacks selected him in the 37th round of the 2008 draft.

Commings stuck with football and was a solid performer at Georgia, last season intercepting three passes and deflecting two more. At last week’s Combine, Commings ran a 4.41 40.  He enters the NFL Draft as a cornerback, but his size – 6’0, 216 pounds – and lack of sheer speed could make him a better safety in the pros. As you will discover in our interview below, Commings has succumbed to the notion of playing either position. currently projects Commings to be selected in the 5th or 6th round.

Commings, #19, in sheer celebration

Melissa Jacobs: What was your favorite team, and who was your favorite athlete, growing up?

Sanders Commings: Growing up I didn’t really have a favorite team but I can say that Deion Sanders was my favorite player. 

MJ: At what point in your life did you realize you were good enough to play professionally?

SC: I thought since I was a little kid, actually. I was always one of the better guys around on my team and I’ve thought I’d be playing in the National Football League.

MJ: So when you were a kid and watching NFL games you were certain you’d join their ranks some day?

SC: No question.

MJ: I know you recently went through the ringer of the Combine, but pretend like I’m a scout and tell me in :30 seconds or less why I should draft you.

SC: If you draft me you get a versatile athlete who can play both corner and safety. I have a great combination of speed and size.  I would bring intensity and leadership to every day.

MJ: What current NFL player do you think you most emulate?

SC: I’ve been told I emulate guys like Darrelle Revis because of my press coverage and my ball hawking abilities.  I study him a lot. As for safety, I closely watch guys like Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu

MJ: What’s the first thing you’ll buy when/if you sign your first NFL contract?

SC: Probably I’ll need a vehicle. I’ve been driving around in the car my parents got me 

MJ: And what kind of car is that?

SC: I had a Chevy Impala, a 2008.

MJ: What’s your favorite television show?

SC: It’s not on anymore, but ‘Entourage.’ I can’t wait for the movie.

Best Entourage character?

SC: Turtle. I like them all, but Turtle.

Here are some decent Commings highlights from Georgia’s 2012 game against Alabama: