Saints Players Troll Super Bowl 53

Super Bowl 53 had the lowest number of points scored in Super Bowl history. With just three points on the board at halftime, it’s hard not to wonder what the game would have been like had another team made it to the Super Bowl. The Saints fans and players still haven’t recovered from the egregious no-call in the NFC Championship. In fact, the Super Bowl earned the lowest ranking in any market in New Orleans this year with a 26.1 viewer rating. It’s also the lowest rating ever for New Orleans.

Many players tweeted both subtly and not-so-subtly about their feelings on Super Bowl 53.

Alvin Kamara hosts an SBLIII watch party where he vows to not watch the game,

Michael Thomas is watching but isn’t enjoying the action.

Many players tweeted videos of NOLA fans protesting and boycotting the Super Bowl.

Cam Jordan was in Atlanta at the game, but rocking his Saints vs. Everybody gear.

Some players had messages for the Rams.