Ryan Fitzpatrick’s son made a very smart fantasy football decision

Bucs quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was only selected in the deepest of fantasy leagues this season. In fact, the Bucs are such an under the radar team that many people didn’t realize that a) Fitzpatrick even  played for the Bucs and b) He is their starting quarterback while Jameis Wisnton serves a three-game suspension for groping an Uber driver.

The secret of Fitzmagic is now out in dramatic fashion, as the journeyman quarterback led the Bucs to a stunning 48-40 upset win over the Saints in Week 1. Tampa’s offensive explosion included 417 passing yards, four touchdowns and a nearly perfect 156.3 passer rating from Fitzpatrick.

Many fantasy owners were likely kicking themselves for overlooking the greatness (and longevity) that is Fitzpatrick . But one kid out there was rewarded for his faith and commitment to the Bucs QB.

“So my 9-year-old son, Tate, convinced my 11-year-old son, Brady, to put me on his fantasy team today,” Fitzpatrick told NBC’s Peter King after the game. “I didn’t even know Brady played fantasy football. I guess it was a good decision.”

Brady earned some serious bragging rights and maybe first dibs at the crowded Fitzpatrick dinner table – they have six children with a seventh on the way in January.

Brady will no longer be the contrarian who owns his father. Fitzpatrick is the hottest quarterback on the waiver wire this week despite two tough upcoming matchups against the Eagles and Steelers. But as Tate knew and Brady learned in spades Sunday, never count out their dad.